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IHG Hotels Jordan, partners with Diversey on Linens for Life™ Program in Amman, Jordan

IHG Hotels Jordan, has adopted Princess Taghrid Institute for Development & Training for the Linens for Life™ program, in partnership with Ivy Hygiene solutions the local Diversey partner in Jordan.


The innovative Linens for Life program was pioneered by Diversey to recycle used hotel linens to help meet the needs of local communities. Its objectives are three-fold: to help with immediate disaster relief efforts; to provide livelihoods to the local community through recycling; and to help hotels reduce waste.


IHG Hotels Jordan and through Its seven hotels in Jordan are the first Jordanian Hotels to take the initiative to support and participate in Linens for Life Program.


Oussama Massoud, IHG director of operations, Levant – Jordan and Lebanon said: \" We believe that IHG seven Hotels in Jordan has to support local communities in different parts of Jordan and in different ways, our partnership with Diversey and adopting Princess Taghrid Institute for Development & Training through Linens for life Program reflect our goal, I believe we can easily deliver 10 to 12 tonnes of used linens which include items such as bedsheets, pillow cases, towels, table cloths and certains per annum which is on a hotel’s disposal list.\"


Nader Hashem, Diversey’s CSV Leader for Egypt and Levant, said: “Linens for Life is a program that directly engages the local people in helping their own community. At the same time, Diversey is also helping our hotel customers on waste recycling. Through this program, we hope to contribute to a more sustainable environment and create shared value for everyone involved – our company, our customers and the community.”


InterContinental General Manager Carlos Malliaroudakis said: Firstly, I would like to welcome you all at Intercontinental Jordan especially our partners in “Linen for Life” initiative: Ivy representative Diversey company in Jordan, Princess Taghrid Institute for Development & Training, and general managers of Intercontinental Group Hotels, who were able to transform an amazing idea into a well-founded initiative. Also, we are glad to have amongst us esteemed members of the press and social media influencers.


We feel extremely fortunate to be part of this campaign and giving back to the community is in the core of InterContinental\'s mentality and culture. We believe that we have a responsibility to uphold in our community and through the “Linen for Life” initiative, we are able to support those in need especially during disaster relief efforts while preserving our environment. It is like a win-win situation for everyone. 


Dr. Aghadir Jwaihan, G.M for Princess Taghrid said that the importance of this project is through creating jobs for woman in less luck areas where we will start implementing the project in one of Jerash villages and will teach and educate woman to produce new and beautiful designs that meet with local needs in order to allow them for better income and good life.   


The Linens for Life program is based on the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) among all its supporting partners. Used linens collected from hotels are channelled by Diversey to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local communities for re-use and recycling. The used linens are put to use in two ways. Firstly, they help with disaster relief efforts by meeting the needs of first responders for items such as stretchers or are distributed to relocation camps to be used by those people impacted. The second aspect is to help local communities earn a small livelihood through recycling used linens into useful items again.


Through recycling of used linens, Linens for Life has resulted in various creative items made by women beneficiaries which include newspaper bags which can be used at hotels, all-purpose pouches, aprons, school uniforms, stuffed toys, infant sleeping bags and more. The program enables beneficiaries to earn a small income to supplement their livelihoods while at the same time, help to upcycle linens that would have otherwise end up in landfills.  In addition to logistics, Diversey also provides equipment such as  sewing machines where needed, as well as facilitate the coordination among hotels, NGOs and local communities. 


There are now over 23 Linens for Life projects in 15 cities across Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. To-date, about 80 hotels are partners with Diversey in the program that has provided sustainable livelihoods to approximately 700 people in local communities.


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